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Make It AnEvent To Remember With Family, Friends And Colleagues

  • So easy, even grandma can do it
    As long as yo
    u're over 15 years old, have a working arm, and closed toed shoes, you can play. Beard and plaid shirts are optional!

  • Statistically safer than darts, bowling, tennis... you name it!
    Expert coaches will be on hand at all times, to help you hit the target and ensure everyone is safe and having fun.

  • Fantastic deals for group bookings and events
    From discounted flat rate party packs (with drinks included) to managed tournaments for any size groups, we've got great packages for everyone to enjoy.

  • Great vibes in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere
    We believe in positivity and using axes as a tool for good!  Be good to each other and you are welcome in our house.

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